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Ph: 03 9717 3665

Email: info@marineacs.com.au

Brendan Meloni - 0437 256 343


Peter Bold - 0407 341 206


The Birth of MACS Diving Services

MACS has been bought together by 2 business people who have recognised the need for a professional Commercial Marine Service to cater for Port Phillip and Western Port Bays. 
Both have more than 22 years of hands on operational experience with a sound knowledge of the commercial and Aquacultural industries.
We provide commercial vessel hire in Melbourne as well as diving hire, mooring installation, screw anchor installation, and commercial marine hire.

Beverly Anne

Both Peter and Brendan have been actively involved in the building of a brand new boat named the Beverly Anne that was launched in July 2007. 
The Beverly Anne has been specifically designed for contracting services to the commercial and aquaculture marine industries.  From a commercial level we envisage the Beverly Anne to be involved in a number of facets of work from commercial diving to Water Sampling.
Dive Operations